Philosophy & Modern Languages

Philosophy & Modern Languages

Why Catz?

  • St Catherine's has a large number of undergraduates studying Philosophy or Modern Languages in combination with other subjects. This means that there are plenty of other students within St Catherine's with which to discuss work.
  • St Catherine's has one of the larger college libraries in the university: a convenient place to work as well as borrow books, open until midnight during term.

See the page on Modern Languages for more details.

Associated Staff

BA Nott, MA, PhD KCL, MA Oxf
Fellow and Tutor in Spanish
Professor of Spanish American Literature
Associate Lecturer in Spanish, St John's College Oxford.
BA, MA Birkbeck
College Lecturer in Spanish
BA Lond, MPhil UCL, PhD Warwick
College Lecturer in Philosophy
MA, DPhil Oxf
Director of Studies for Russian
Professor of Russian Literature
Dott Lett Padua, DPhil Oxf
College Lecture in Italian (M18)
MA, DPhil Oxf
College Lecturer in French
MA, MSt, DPhil Oxf
Fellow and Tutor in French
Associate Professor of French
BA Pomona, MA Oxf, PhD Princeton
Fulford Fellow and Tutor in Philosophy of Mind and Cognitive Science
Fulford Clarendon Associate Professor in Philosophy of Mind
BA, MA Rio de Janeiro
Director of Studies for Portuguese, M18-H19
BA Dub, PhD Göttingen
College Lecturer in German
Associate Professor in German
BA Athens, MA, PhD Lond
Director of Studies for Modern Greek
BA Birm, MSt, DPhil Oxf
Director of Studies for Czech
BA McGill, MPhil Oxf
College Lecture in French and Linguistics
BA Leeds, BPhil Oxf
College Lecturer in Philosophy
BA Barnard, MPhil Oxf
College Lecturer in Spanish
BA, MSt, DPhil Oxf
College Lecturer in Italian
BA, MSt Oxf
College Lecturer in French
MA, MPhil, PhD Camb
Fellow and Tutor in French Linguistics
Associate Professor in French Linguistics