Professor Eleanor Stride gains Red Women Award

Professor Eleanor Stride gains Red Women Award

Professor Eleanor Stride has been named as one of Red Magazine’s Women of the Year for her work on using tiny bubbles to improve the delivery of cancer treatment.

As a part scientist and part engineer, Professor Stride's work has the potential to change lives, by making better use of chemotherapy drugs to change the way cancer is treated.

She explains: "The challenge in the treatment of many diseases is not the lack of effective drugs but of effective means of delivering those drugs to a target site in the body. This is a huge problem for cancer chemotherapy as only a tiny proportion of the drug is actually taken up into a tumour. The rest is absorbed by healthy tissue and all too often leads to debilitating side effects. By encapsulating the drug inside a bubble that can be “popped” using ultrasound, our aim is to control when and where the drug is released and hence minimise the amount that is delivered off-target."

Every year, Red Magazine invite nominations from the public for outstanding women ranging from Olympic athletes to top entrepreneurs. The winners are decided by a panel of judges consisting of leading women from the media, politics and business sectors. Professor Stride commented how she had been “… stunned but absolutely delighted” to receive the award. She added: “The positive feedback our team has received, particularly from young women considering a career in science has been absolutely fantastic.”

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